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January 6: Journey of Development – Accessing our Authentic Power (Vancouver, BC)

February 7-11:Biodynamic Breath & Trauma Release (Brighton, MI)

April 4-8: Biodynamic Breath & Trauma Release (Brighton, MI)

April 14-21: Path of Love (Loveland, CO)

May 17-20: Biodynamic Breath & Trauma Release (Moscow, Russia)

May 27-June 1: Healing Developmental Trauma ~ A Journey Through the Character Structures (Kikow, Poland)

BioDynamic Breath & Trauma Release

April 4-8, 2018 in Brighton, Michigan

May 17-20, 2018 near Moscow, Russia

Come awaken your body and explore breath and movement for greater mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health, joy, and vitality!

BioDynamic Breath is a profound and revolutionary system of body/ breath therapy that integrates deep connected breathing with specially designed conscious movement, body awareness techniques, bodywork and meditation. It restructures you at a cellular level, supporting the full opening of your spine and releasing the chronic tension held in the nervous system. Ultimately you transform into being increasingly present and emotionally alive.

This process is for personal self-exploration and healing as well as for people who are interested in learning to facilitate breath sessions for others. We will work with breath, conscious movement, resonance, dance and meditation to gently break through layers of body armoring and expand our capacity to contain and support the free flow of our energy.

This group will include ~
* BBTR components – breath work, tension releasing exercises, bodywork & touch, conscious movement and meditation.
* Anatomy & physiology of trauma and breath work
* Pelvic unwinding through breath & movement
* Experiencing BBTR breath sessions
* Felt sense & body connection
* Osho Kundalini Meditation
* Chakra breath work
* Resonance and the energetics of breath support
* Holding space for another during a breath session
* Deepening the connection to our hearts and others



Awakening of Love

TBA ~  Vancouver, BC

Are you looking to reawaken your passion?

Feeling the longing for something deeper in for life?

Are there internal barriers you have set up that you are now ready to let down??

Awakening of Love is a short, beautiful, POWERFUL mini-process of the Path of Love. Come and open your heart and life-force energy in a safe and supportive environment.

Most of us long for intimacy, relaxed confidence, fun, authenticity, and meaningful connections. But for sorts of reasons we find ourselves living smaller lives; aware that there must be more but unsure how to break through the barrier. This can show up as self-criticism, feeling unfulfilled, isolation, unhealthy relationships, or anger. We long for something else and we often don’t know where to start looking.

To return to the freedom to be who we really are from an authentic spontaneity, we need to rediscover ourselves beyond the loneliness of our personalities, opening again to our very Being. We work with honest, loving self-exposure, group work, movement, meditation and unique exercises to support you to heal what stands between you and connecting with your true value and essence. You will get clearer at knowing your authentic self – igniting your passion to realize your true potential and to live with an open heart!

During the weekend you can process longstanding and current issues, in a safe and caring environment, and fall in love with life, …yet again! The weekend creates trust, joy and a deep sense of belonging and connection – with others, yourself, and the world around you.

This group is held Friday evening 6:00-9:30, Saturday 8:00-6:30, Sunday 8:30-6:00. The cost of the weekend process is $345, with an early bird discounted price of $295 if paid in full 3 weeks prior to the group starting.

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Path of Love

April 14-21, 2018 Loveland, CO

The Path of Love is an intensive, loving and liberating process.
Juicier and more passionate than the Path of Meditation, the Path of Love invites us to drop from mind to heart, to trust our feelings more than our thoughts.
Most of us feel that something is missing, some unknowable longing for truth, love and compassion. It may be the pain of isolation, a deep desire for inner peace, trust or joy. This yearning becomes our guide through many layers of emotionally charged defences, identification and limiting beliefs.
It takes courage to honestly face a lifetime of societal and family injuries buried in our subconscious minds and tangled into various corners of the physical body. On this journey, the highly structured container helps us to support each other in our quest for individual truth. Bursting through our inner obstacles releases latent energies, which can flower in our hearts, connecting us with ourselves, others, and with life itself.
Take the next step in uncovering your true nature. Come walk the Path of Love with us, and join an international community of graduates willing to share the strength of vulnerable hearts, radical honesty, and creative visions.

You can read more about this life-changing process here

“I love the Path of Love process! It has helped me in so many ways through life, none the least, opening my voice and giving it new breath and depth. And for me that’s always a proof for inner expansion. It is the perfect process for anyone wanting to give themselves a spiritual ‘spring clean’.”
~ Deva Premal, musician



Healing Developmental Trauma ~ A Journey Through the Character Structures 

May 27-June 1, 2018 – Krakow, Poland

Join us on this special journey through the formation of important mind-body patterns known as “Character Structures”. We all carry the story of our early life experiences, and it is written into our emotional and physical body. It’s been discovered that there are five basic Character Structures that form in response to how we are attached, loved, received and related to as children. These Structures are held particularly in our muscles and get “hard-wired” into our body in the form of “armouring”, actually shaping our bodies and the flow of vital life energy within us.  This armouring also strongly affect our behaviours, beliefs and personality – beyond conscious awareness – like default programs shaping how we live our lives.

This ‘armoring’ of the body blocks the flow of bioenergy and limits the natural expression of feeling, connection and essence.  In this group we will connect with the language of our bodies, exploring the Character Structures as a pathway for healing and personal growth. We will embody the underlying emotions and energetics of each Structure, while also learning methods and techniques to “de-armor”, build resources and free up contracted energy.  This will enable us to compassionately understand and work with the various Character Structures within ourselves and others, allowing us to reclaim our heart and vital life energy.

This highly experiential workshop is rooted in the theory and practices of Wilheim Reich, Bioenergetics, trauma healing and somatic psychology. We will use breath, meditation, self-inquiry, movement, and partner exercises, giving you a chance to discover more about yourself and to practice these techniques with others. You will also be introduced to the important  elements of trauma healing of centering, containment, grounding and the felt sense.

This group is designed for breathworkers, healers, coaches and therapists of all types, as well as anyone wanting to increase their self-awareness and gently free the constrictions of their mind and body.  As energy is allowed to flow freely and naturally we can experience tremendous aliveness, together with feelings of relaxation and well-being. This enables us to ground and center ourselves, dissolve blockages and body armor, and open our hearts.