“At the conclusion (of the session) I lay there in the position of a newborn, entirely free of memory of injury, torment, and suffering. My body had relived those moments and been reassured and healed… I felt no thoughts except marvel at being in a body and looking out at the world with a free mind. This experience is like a mini-retreat. Prema’s presence helped to allow this opening and secured the space with wonderful calm accepting energy.”  ~F. Holle, breathwork client


“Thank you for holding space for the unseen to magically transform my heart and soul.” ~JPB, breathwork client


“We were 12 beautiful human beings that were guided in a journey of self love, self discovering, self uncovered and more. Guided to meet myself, my self without any stories, thoughts, letting emotions to express, allowing myself to be, to be there for others and others for me, to dance to the point that the body move by itself without me putting a thought on it. To be more conscious of my breath, to learn to breath in a way that I am an open pathway for energy to move in, more flowing way, to feel safe in an environment that I am not familiar with and that I allowed myself to trust me and trust others, to just Be. To Prema I am very gratiful for your presence, smiles, open heart, demostration, guidense and much more.” ~B.O., workshop participant


“Thank you so much, I feel so good, relaxed, and light. I am so thankful to Prema, you have helped me so much.  All these worries and pressure I feel in my life, all the negative thoughts, the anger and the sadness… I feel space from it all now.  Before they were always running in my head, but now I feel peace.  I feel my body, my heart.  I feel like I am back home in myself, somewhere I have not been in a very very long time.” ~S.K., breath and meditation workshop participant


“You are a talented important healer, I thank you immensely. It’s all gonna continue to soak in. This weekend was impeccable..how long things have been stuck and charged.
You are a perfect facilitator because you have a compassionate heart of gold. This is important because when you are involved in the delicate task of bringing people to those deep wounds, it’s important for them to feel safe, loved, not rushed, not abandoned.
Someone doing that who doesn’t have a compassionate heart could f%#& them up even worse.
Thank you for letting me..let it rip.” ~ J.R., workshop participant


“There is so, so much clarity.  Not perfect clarity, but the strength I thought I had cultivated lately is nothing like the strength I feel now.  I am able to pick apart, navigate, understand the tangled web.  Before I wasn’t even aware of the web!
It does literally feel like there is brain re-wiring.  The last two days at work, around people, have been so different as I understand their pain and projections.  Was SO exhausted before from the defenses from my own internal stuff, but also defenses thrown up to protect me from others pain.
There is this transparency that feels very different than a defense.
It’s like new tools needed to navigate the complexities of modern life instead of hiding, cowering, etc…going THROUGH instead of around or not taking steps at all.
Also, I feel commited and loyal to the gifts I have to offer the world, before I would judge them and fear they would be judged.
It’s as if I can stand strong, my legs aren’t as shakey.
I’m so extremely grateful, and blown away, YES it feels like having new eyes, really effected ajna chakra…all chakras!!!
SO. MUCH. LOVE…. you beautiful, beautiful person!!!!” ~ B.L., workshop participant


“Thank you for the lovely workshop today. It was really touching to experience the nurturing space you created for everyone in the room. With the music and your words of guidance and energy. Very sensitive and loving. I really appreciate your energy and how the breathing technique you showed me today helped me go inside and open up a lot and heal and come to myself.

Very touched by the whole experience today.

You really facilitated in such a calm, balanced and wholesome manner.

I see a wisdom and sincerity in you that is wholesome and refreshing. It is really nice to meet that in people. The teaching is very alive today and I feel honoured to have experienced it so fully and totally.” ~ P.N., workshop participant